Welcome to NCANA.ORG

Welcome to the North Carolina Agritourism Networking Association. We are a driven non-profit organization who serves Agritourism Farmers and Agritourism Professionals throughout North Carolina and surrounding states. We are a 501(c)(3), non-profit that promotes the networking between Agritourism Professionals, the growth of the Agritourism Industry and serves to educate the public about Agritourism, more especially our members farms.

The NC-ANA hosts an Agritourism Conference annually, generally held in January that brings farmers together, not only from across the state, but from across the country as well. During that time period we not only have an interactive farm tour that visits Agritourism Farms and other points of interest we also host a large educational conference for not only beginners in the Agritourism world but for the experienced and seasoned farmers as well. Our conferences bring vendors that are specific to the industry and that our Agritourism farmers want to talk with.

Mission Statement

“The North Carolina Agritourism Networking Association will serve as a statewide proactive advocate for agritourism farmers and as a liaison between and among state-level organizations, field organizations, nonprofits and rural landowners to support and facilitate agritourism.”

NC-ANA Goals

NC-ANA will enable agritourism farmers to share best practices, network with peers, discuss and find answers to challenges, celebrate successes, and advocate for needed resources. The organization will work to find solutions to achieve the following goals listed in priority order by the initial task force: Easily accessible and affordable liability insurance; consistent zoning and planning regulations; marketing support and resources; highway and site signage; safety; fund for costs of startup; and partnering with other rural arts activities.